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Personalise your fitness plan with DNA testing.

From: SHA Wellness Clinic.


What if you could find out what types of workouts are the most beneficial and effective for your body? What foods you’re intolerant to and which ones you should be including in your diet? Thanks to genetic testing, it’s possible. The future of health and fitness is hyper-personalisation through DNA tests.

Through genetic testing, we can analyse the genetic make-up of each individual and gain a better understanding of our wellness needs. Instead of settling for a generic plan that might work for one person, but not for each individual, you can have access to a fitness plan that is tailored to your DNA, improving the benefits, efficiency and endurance of each individual.

Genetic testing doesn’t only provide valuable information about what the most appropriate workout plan is for each person, but also nutritional advice based on your DNA results. As a result, you’re able to create a personalised nutrition and fitness plan adapted to your needs and provide the best results for your health and wellbeing.

What are the benefits of genetic testing?

Genetic testing reveals the genetic markers that:

  • Determine what foods we are intolerant to.

  • The recommended ideal diet type for us.

  • The fitness plan that suits us best.

  • Prevention for possible diseases we could develop due to our genetic make-up.

Genetic testing provides valuable information about our health that allows us to take the correct measures to improve our health and vitality, as well as prevent potential diseases. By understanding what lifestyle habits we should adopt and what nutrition plan suits us best, we can boost our health and prevent premature aging.


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