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Workout routines to boost your Immune system.

From: SHA Wellness Clinic. By Paulina Mercader


If we knew that the risk of getting sick decreases if we exercise properly, we would definitely modify our daily workout routine.

The most important thing to point out in this article is that we are providing advice on how or what you should incorporate into your workout routine to strengthen your immune system. This is not advice on how to tone up or lose weight.

#1st MISTAKE we make is to think that I can’t get sick because I work out a lot. If you exercise for TOO LONG your risk goes right back UP, and it could be even higher than if you did nothing at all. The reason for this is simple: your body interprets long periods of exercise as stress. Listen to your body and remember that today’s workout does not focus on how long you work out for, but on how efficiently you exercise yourself.

To strengthen your immune system 12 minutes a day is enough, but during this time your goal may be to hit a peak of intensity in a short timeframe and then rest. So, you work out long enough to boost your immune system, but not too long to suppress it.

Try with:



Don’t forget that one of the characteristics of boost workout is that you don’t stop moving during the recovery interval.



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